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Fall Safety Training: Ladder and Confined Spaces

The Denver PDCA chapter would like to thank CRS Loss Control Consultant, Allison Miles, for guiding us through the steps to reduce risk at the Pinnacol Tri-Safety Group and CRS Insurance Brokerage sponsored ladder and confined safety classes held in November where Allison discussed the associated costs that can impact insurance coverage and your business.

Considering the cost of replacing damaged equipment, the loss of a productive crewman, lost production, and possible damage to customer property, it makes sense to prevent these losses.

“Supervisors own the safety. Accidents can lead to fatalities,” and you need to be aware of the potential risks that can impact wages, a family and the business. In this workshop, Allison highlighted OSHA penalties and citations for not using appropriate ladder safety practices on the job site.

Here are some highlights.

Ladder safety tips to reduce risk:

  • Have 3 points of contact using the 2 hands and feet on the ladder at all times for stability
  • Ladders are fit for a purpose and fit for a duty: use the type of ladder for the work
  • Inspect the ladders prior to starting the job to ensure it’s ‘fit for duty’
  • Document your inspections of all tools and ladders
  • Include training for all new employee orientation
  • Include basic annual refresher training sessions for all employees and crews such as hosting a 15 minute safety meetings annually


Tip: check with your ladder manufactures for safety training videos and written publications to share with your crews.


For recommended ladder safety systems follow this link


Another topic covered was safety in confined spaces with limited entry and exit points. What IS a confined space? What hazards are present? What chemicals may be present? Is there a limited entry and exit? Is the space large enough to enter? Are permits required when working in a confined space? How is insurance impacted by these claims and how can you minimize risk?


Allison discussed confined spaces and what constitutes a space while talking about ways to practice due diligence to ensure safety to all persons, thereby, reducing risk and claim submissions.


For more informatiimg_1177on please contact Allison Miles at or visit the CRS Website link is or call 303-996-7818 and speak with our representative Scott White for more information.

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Specialty Coatings with Faux Finishing Expert Bobbi Shupe

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2016 Labor & Employment Legal Update

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Contracts and Warranties: Presented by Harmon Graves

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2015 Executive Committee Installation Dinner

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