Contract for Sub-Contractor Use

The Denver PDCA contracted with Employment and Business Lawyer Dan Cross, of the Cross Law Firm to produce what we like to call a ‘bullet proof’ contract for painting contractors to use with their sub-contractors. Though no contract is actually bullet proof, The Denver PDCA Sub-Contractor Contract provides the contractor with court tested clauses that ultimately protect your business. This is a contract Painting Contractors can use when utilizing sub-contractor workers.

Note: The licensed copy for your one company’s use will be emailed to you within 72 hours receipt of your completed form below and validation of your current membership with the Denver PDCA.

The contract is only available for licensed use to current Denver PDCA Contractor Members.  Membership in the Denver PDCA provides your company an ongoing, non transferable license to use and modify the license with your painting contracting business. Hiring a Lawyer to produce a contract of this value could cost your company $2,000 or more.

  • By submitting this form you agree to hold harmless the Denver PDCA, it's officers and members. Additionally, you agree that contract remains the property of the Denver PDCA and license for its use has been granted to your one painting contractor business for use as long as you remain a current member of the Denver PDCA. You also agree to not provide copy of same to others for their use.


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