Denver Chapter PDCA Farewell

I am writing this to let you know that the current board of the Denver Chapter PDCA has voted to close the chapter. Attendance at meetings and events have been sparse the past few years. Last year we had several meetings where the only attendees were the board members. The Denver Chapter PDCA will be closing at the end of 2018.

Based on news from other PDCA chapters and councils, this is widespread. This subject was discussed for most of the Annual Business Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Council Convention in September. The attendees at this meeting, held at the end of the RMC Convention, were made of the active members of the Southern Colorado Chapter and the Denver Chapter. The Western Slope Chapter and the Salt Lake City Chapter have already closed.

The consensus at the Business Meeting was that the Denver Chapter and the Southern Colorado would close, but the Rocky Mountain Council would continue to hold the Mid-Year Business Meeting in May or June and the RMC Convention in September.

We encourage our members to maintain their membership in the Rocky Mountain Council PDCA and National PDCA. The support, networking, fellowship and education are invaluable.

We want to thank all who have supported the Denver Chapter with their time, effort and money. You have been an asset to the Denver Chapter, PDCA and the painting industry. We want to thank all of the vendors and suppliers who have come to meetings and sponsored events over the years.

This is a sad announcement. PDCA in Colorado has a long history, over 108 years of education and networking, friendship and support.

Please go to for information on upcoming Council events.

Judy Satterlee
Denver Chapter PDCA


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