EPA RRP Lead Rule – Education and Resources

Denver PDCA is intent on helping painting contractors across the metro area become educated and compliant with the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule having to do with Lead Base Paint hazards in target painting projects. Though the new rule took effect April 22, 2010, it is very obvious that there will be an ongoing need for certification training and edcuation about the RRP Rule.

The rule requires two legs of certification for those contractors and individuals working on projects in pre 1978 housing, child care facilities, schools and certain other facilities:

Renovator Certification for the ‘in field’ crew leader, supervisor position or worker. Day long workshops included mandated classroom and hands on training as well as an exam that attendees must pass in order to become a Certified Renovator. Class costs range from $150 to $250 per person. Note: The EPA mandates the need for at minimum of one Certified Renovator per company per project.

Renovation Firm Certification is certification the company or business entity must apply for and receive in order to work on any target projects. An application to the EPA accompanied by a fee of $300 provides a business with Firm Certification good for a 5 year period. Application and also example of filled in form below.

The Denver PDCA sponsored a Certification training session in February 2010 and will continue to work to provide news and updates, as provided to us, on other training opportunites in the Denver Metro area. If you’re interested in having your upcoming EPA Certification training listed, please contact the Chapter’s Executive Director.


EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Resources and Connections

-Upcoming Certification Training Opportunities

Colorado Hazard Control – Go to their Training Calendar for RRP

MISERS – Occupational Training – Go to their Training Calendar for RRP

Weecycle Environmental Consulting, Inc – Go to their Training Calendar for RRP


-Other Resources and EPA RRP Materials

EPA’s Consolidated Enforcement Response and Penalty Policy

EPA RRP Sell sheet – Download this PDF file to distribute

EPA Lead Based Paint Presentation

EPA RRP – Renovator Firm Application Form

EPA’s RRP Rule Isn’t Just for Residential Painting Contractors Article

EPA Podcast on Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule



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