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Become a Member of PDCA Today!

Peer Networking – Continuing Education – Promotion – Industry Standards
For just under $42 per month, Contractors can start benefiting from membership.

PDCA Membership is available to Contractors & Denver Membership is available to Suppliers and offers many benefits and opportunities to add value to your business.

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Networking with Peers
Meet and get to know your fellow industry professionals. Networking opportunities provide members with many business and personal resources. Why re-invent the wheel?

Promotion of Your Contracting Company
The promotion of Contractor and Supplier members is of great importance to PDCA. Contractor members are listed on National PDCA’s ‘’ web search engine. Additionally, members receive promotion of their company via the Denver PDCA website and the Rocky Mountain Council website. Each member receives the three company listings that provide a valuable incoming link to your website. The search engines love incoming links. These three listing can also lead to members who do not have websites due to contact information being found by search engines.

Sub Contractor Contract
Contractors Members are eligible to receive and use the Chapter’s Licensed Use Subcontract Agreement to Utilize with Their Sub Contractors.  Rather than pay an attorney $1,000 + to develop a contract, benefit from Denver PDCA membership and our contract.

Worker Compensation Insurance Program
Members can benefit from The Denver PDCA’s Workers Compensation Insurance Program and Tri-Safety Group. Saving big money on your Worker Compensation insurance costs is possible through a group discount and the group has earned and paid group members dividends every year since the programs first dividend in 2003. For more information about the program please Contact Scott White at CRS Insurance 303-996-7800

Education – Publications – Services
Through monthly local meetings and National PDCA’s vast educational offerings and webinars and through the Rocky Mountain Council, Contractor and Industry Education offerings are very strong. The ‘New Contractor Member’ package provides entry to many valuable publications at special savings or for free and many services and benefits – available only to PDCA Members.

Professional Identification
Only Members are allowed to use the PDCA Logo to identify their company’s membership and belief in advancing industry professionalism.

Regular Local Meetings – Check out Upcoming Dates and Topics Here
A regular opportunity to network with other professionals in our industries community. Typical meetings include networking time, a meal, and a speaker or program covering today’s important issues.

Member Discount Programs & Other Programs
Many money saving programs are available to Contractor Members for products and services you use everyday in your business. These savings add to your bottom line. Other programs include access to membership in a Credit Union, savings on convention registration fee, contractor member savings on workshops and seminars.

Learn Even More About Becoming a PDCA MemberContact the Chapter’s Executive Director

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