Mission and Vision

From Denver PDCA’s Strategic Plan
A mission statement states the basic purpose of an organization, that is, what it intends to accomplish. A nonprofit’s mission represents its accountability to society, the rationale for its existence and ongoing support. It communicates the essence of the organization to its constituents, stakeholders and the public. It is useful for putting the spotlight on the organization’s reason for existing and the constituent needs it is presently endeavoring to meet. A mission statement deals with the present. It serves as a gudie for day-to-day operations and as the foundation for future decision-making.


Denver PDCA Mission Statement

Denver PDCA exists to lead the local industry by promoting ethics and professionalism within the community, and provide education and opportunities for its members in order to facilitate reliable quality service.


Vision Statements
A vision statement is a picture of what the organization will look like in the future. It is an image of what the organization intends to accomplish, the direction it is headed, the market position it should try to occupy, the activities to be pursued, and the capabilities it plans to develop. A vision is a guiding image of future success in the realization of the mission. A vision statement describes how the world would be improved, changed, or different, if an organization is successful in achieving its purpose. It is the pursuit of this shared vision that inspires and motivates people to work together.

Denver PDCA Vision Statement

The Denver Painting & Decorating Contractors of America is the obvious choice to establish common ground for all levels of the painting industry. We will increase credibility, membership, and visibility through quality education, charity, and offering an ethical check point for Contractor, Vendor, and Consumer.


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