November Meeting: Insurance 2017 Update and Vendor Spot Light: 3M

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We were pleased to host Jaquie Healy, CEO of Trilogy Benefits at our November chapter meeting as she discussed the Federal Healthcare and Colorado State regulation changes for health insurance changes coming in 2017.

The members that joined us learned about consumer friendly solutions to create employee benefit packages including entry and exit packages uniquely built to meet the companies expectations. These new hire and exit kit designs are suitable for any company and the Trilogy Benefits team can help you design one that will meet your unique needs.


Some highlights that were covered:

  • 2017 Federal Healthcare Changes
  • Colorado State Healthcare Updates
  • Amended Obamacare
  • Preventive Care and Consumer Friendly Solutions
  • Offering Benefits to Employees
  • Benefit Types and Offerings
  • Entry and Exit Benefit Packages that fit your company



For more information, please contact Jaqui2014e Healy at 303-745-4600 or and visit the Trilogy Benefits website.





Pinnacol Assurance representatives were also on hand to bring our group up-to-date about the benefits of joining the Tri-Safety Workers Compensation Program.  If you have questions about qualifications for the program, please contact our CRS insurance agent, Scott White at 303-996-7800 and visit our link here for more information about the program benefits.


Our vendor spotligIMG_0220ht was Chas Nelson from 3M where he demonstrated and talked about some exciting new products and also gave out samples.  Please contact Chas Nelson at 303-884-8630 or at for information about the latest and greatest 3M products!


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