Wildlife Sanctuary: Denver PDCA Paint’s it Forward for Charity

Denver PDCA Paint it Forward Charity Event 2016

Each year the local Denver PDCA chapter selects a project to Paint it Forward for Charity and during the month of June, members donated their time to paint the Tiger round house at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado. ¬†The Denver chapter chose to support the WAS because of their amazing care for endangered and abused rescue animals whose mission is “to prevent and alleviate cruelty to animals which are abandoned or were subject to deprivation or neglect, by providing care and boarding…to rescue and provide life-long homes for large, exotic and endangered captive wild animals and to educate the public about the causes of and solutions to the world’s captive wildlife crisis.”

The Denver chapter would like to acknowledge the following companies for assisting with the project by donating their time, skills and supplies:

American Painting Specialists 

Karen’s Company

Octopus Painting of Englewood, Colorado

Sherwin Williams Paint Store in Broomfield, Colorado for their generous donation of paint

Guiry’s Color Source for their generous donation of supplies

Thank you for your support! We appreciate your hard work and efforts!

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