Workers Compensation Insurance Program

Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs with the Tri-Safety Group from




Download Printable Program Informational Flyer



Denver PDCA has joined forces with the HIspanic Contractors of Colorado, the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain and Pinnacol Assurance to offer the Tri-Safety Group, a group insurance option designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace.


Membership Benefits

  • Eligibility for a 4% discount upfront
  • Easy reporting of claims over the Internet, phone or fax
  • Industry-specific safety program, training and materials
  • Safety and educational seminars – available online and across the state
  • Improved risk management and loss control
  • Assistance with cost containment certification to earn additional discounts
  • Individualized service from a Pinnacol Assurance customer-focused service team
  • Fraud prevention and detection services
  • Legal services

For more information about the program
Please contact our designated agent Scott White at CRS Insurance (303) 996-7800
and start saving on your workers compensation insurance costs right away.


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